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Re: Need some advise

Chewy-- Are you on edge still? Because if you are he or she is sensing that. And now I am assumig that you are a little nervous around your bird, if I am wrong sorry. He or she can sense that too and take advantage of it.

On Edge, no fustrated because of the new job and them screwing up the pay and what has become of that, yes. Nervous, sticking my hand in the cage yes. He has tore open a shirt recently as I was adjusting a perch.

Auggie's Dad--It sounds like a LOT has changed for the bird. A human companion is gone, a new one is there, and a move to a new home. I'm sure this has been challenging for you as well, but you KNOW what is going on. Your grey never had anyone explain it to him.

How long has it been since the move? Was there a regular routine in the home that he was used to prior to the divorce? Can any of that routine be continued in the new setting?

About a month and a half maybe a little more. Just before the move I was on terminal leave from the Air Force and was home every day. Before that I worked 24 hour shifts. Now I work 16s but every other day so by the time I get home I go straight to bed. So for routine in the new place for me yes it is almost the same, now for my friend, we she is a paramedic and works 12 hour shifts. So its either up real early in the morning and working 12 hours or the oppisite shift at night.

Auggie's Dad--Have you done any training with the bird (what's his name BTW)? Does he step up on command reliably/did he used to?

I have done the basic training, step up and all that. But I had a busy life that I could not divote that much time to it. His name is Elwood. He used to be easy handle/get a hold of. Now I don't dare try and get him out of the cage and when he is out that only way I can get him to step up is if he has crashed landed somewhere in the house. I approach for him to step up and he takes off. Now he did have a traumatic landing before the move. He crashed into the blinds and got tangled up in the pull cord so bad that I had to cut him free and shorten the cord. It seems ever since then he has been getting worse towards me. Once he crashes and he stepps up everything is like the old. He wants to work his way up to my shoulder. I can almost kiss his beak and make kissing noises and sometimes he will do it back. He use to steal peanut butter filler pretzels from me when he was out, now I give them to him and he throws them away like he is mad at me. The funny thing is this, inside the cage he is acting normally.Talking and screaming when we are not in view. He is picking up new words daily, he even whistles a few notes of the Indiana Jones theme song. He tosses his food he does not like yada yada yada you know the drill. My friend is extremly afraid of him when he is out side of his cage and I don't blame her either. What are your suggestions for "getting back to the basics" and not ending up in the ER getting my hand stiched up from training him. Sorry that got long but I figured the more you know the better of and Idea you will have.

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