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Re: Need some advise

As Julie said ignoring the biting and only rewarding when he doesnt would be ideal, but frankly we aren't all that tough :/

Auggie can nip to say he's upset or he can bite to remove fingers; the former can be ignored, but the latter can't... I like my fingers where they are. This is where stick training comes in. Use a small dowel or stick rather than your finger, practice the step up command over and over (with two sticks) praising or rewarding when he does well and ignoring when he attacks the stick. Note: wood mixing spoons work great if you have them, no need to go buy sticks.

This activity may sound trivial, but start a routine of doing it a few minutes at a time a couple times each day. The first days stay by his cage, then progressively work out to other areas of the home. The fact that he is good in his cage but not out is likely due to being unsure or insecure in the rest of the home. Stick training is a simple but structured and familar activity through which he can build up confidence in all areas of the home (sound a bit like the reasoning behind some military training?)

Be sure to make this training rewarding. Lots of praise while doing well and perhaps his favorite treat at the end of each session. This will help him overcome any fears or insecurities whether they are due to the new environment or the traumatic cord tangle experience.

Eventually your hands will replace the sticks in the above activity, but be in no hurry to get to that step.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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