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Re: How to find a reputable breeder

When I was younger my family and I had a love bird whom we loved and adored. Such a friendly bird. But I was young and not the primary care giver.

Other family members have had a varity of different birds throughout the years and I grew attached to each and every one. This helped in the decision of getting a bird now. My grandparents have had an Amazon Parrot for about 35 years now. She's older than me! I will probably be the one to inherit her when necessary. Also, my aunt had a golden maccaw and African gray. I never handled the maccaw but fell head over heels in love with the gray. She had to give them up a few years ago and I couldn't afford to take him at the time. As much as I would love a gray now, the conure is more the size (and price) of what I'm looking for.

I think birds are amazing. We are more than ready, willing, and able to put the necessary time in and than some! I love animals. We also have a dog. Obviously, we need to be extra diligent with our new addition. Luckily we live in an apartment next to my mom who puppy sits for us. This way, we can get our new friend out of the cage for a few hours.
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