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My first bird was a parakeet named Buddy (passed away November 8, 2012). My newest friend is a parakeet named Chipper.
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Re: parakeet tumor?

If she has eaten a lot recently, it's possible that it might just be her crop is full, and that's normal. You would see a little bit of a bulge at the top part of her chest. I noticed one time that my parakeet Chipper's chest had a bulge, but after reading and looking up diagrams about parakeets, I realized that is about where the crop is and if they have eaten a lot you can sometimes see a bulge. But it should go down after a couple of hours or so, or definitely overnight.

However, always trust your instincts. If you just have a gut feeling that something might not be right, and you think your bird is sick, then it probably is. Don't take any chances. Take your bird to a vet ASAP. Birds instinctively try to hide their symptoms if they're sick, because in the wild that would attract predators. So you have to be observant and look out for anything unusual. It's better to take your bird to a vet right now and find out that nothing is wrong...then to wait too long and find out that it has something that could have been treated if you had taken the bird sooner. If you go to a vet and there's nothing wrong, then you don't lose anything except a little bit of time and a little money. And even then, it's good because you can have the doctor give a checkup. That's a HECK of a lot better than going through the heartache of losing a pet.

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Don't second guess yourself. If you feel something is wrong, take your bird to a vet now.
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