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Re: Toxic List for our Birds.

Hi guys ,
thanks for the welcome.
Just been on line checking out pots in argos guffaw my OH is on a golf break in tenerife...he is home tomorrow to a bl**$y big cage and a little raptor.

I am in love , she arrived to day and I am calling her Honey. It may well be male ..but if he is, he is in touch with his feminine side so wont mind name.

She is 5mnths arrived said hallo ,pecked dog on nose and spent day touring with myself or my son.
I sent her to bed at 8 she was knacked. Wow.. dont they poop BIG and often.Just as well I muck out my stable ... loads of practice. Can i put it on my roses ?
I had already scared myself shtlss reading the "how to kill ur parrot page"
thank God I decided to take her b4 I read it.
Well now Im off to bed but i think Iwill be too excited to sleep. Jings will I ever grow up?

Is it worth finding out sex if only having one?
I took advice and agreed as a newbie to parrots and only room for one cage I would turn down offer of two. However I hung a mirror on wll behind cage and I saw her clucking to her self....Hope that not a bad thing.
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