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attacking bird please help

ok I bought my nanday conure 1 years ago out the paper for my 4 year old daughter birthday present who is 5 now. The Nanday lived with a man all her life (4 years),and now that she is at my house she will bite everybody BUT my husband. Any other male who tries to touch her she will try and bite. Our fingers can go NOWHERES near the cage or she will bite down forcefully. We let her out ONCE to fly around the house , she landed on my shoulder and started attacking my ear. Nobody handles her BUT MY HUSBAND , they have a bond , she whisles when he does, she bobs her head when he does , she makes water noises when he drinks from cups , he is the only one who can clean her cage and interact with her...I really wanted her as a FAMILY PET ,any advice as to how to start "taming" her??? We will keep her regardless , but it would be soooo much nicer if she was a sweet loveable bird!
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