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Question hahns macaw feather less plucking addict

my hahns macaw is 9 yrs old. For the past year he has been plucking his feathers. Chest , back, wings. I made him a jacket which he wore for about 5 months. To allow his feathers to grow. Took it off weekly so he could remove shafts of new feathers and proned. After his feathers were well grown out, took the jacket off. After 2 weeks he started plucking and is back what he was before the jacket exercise.

He is the family room, his cage is opened when I get home at night. Diet is parrot balanced diet, fruit. Tried pellets and fancy food, he will not eat it. He has toys in his cage, and do not play with them. He likes to chew the mop head I have put in his cage. I have tried spraying, added omega 3 plus 7 other essential oils for birds on his seed. Put multi vitamins in his water twice a week. Leave a radio on when we not at home.

He seems to pluck while we sleeping and when I am not at home.

Can anyone help.
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