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Parrot Acronyms/Abbreviations: Part 3

This is a continuation from Parrot Acronyms/Abbreviations: Part 2

What we tend to refer to as parrot acronyms or abbreviations are really take-offs from alphabetic(Alpha) codes used by ornithological programs. There are, however, inconsistencies in the rules governing the alpha codes; with some lists not including all species.

Many of the acronyms we are familiar with have been shortened from their normal 4-letter designations; while others have been created for convenience of parrot enthusiasts.

The acronyms listed below were compiled from those used by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Patuxent River Wildlife Research Center; U.S. Bird Banding Laboratory; North American Bird Bander; the American Ornithologists Union; various other authorities and internet news group listings.

Poi – Poicephalus
PP - Pacific Parrotlet
PRC - Puerto Rican Conure
PRP - Puerto Rican Parrot
PTLT – Parrotlet
PYC - Pearly Conure
QBC - Queen of Bavaria Conure
QP - Quaker Parakeet
RB2 - Rose-Breasted Cockatoo (Galah)
RBC - Red-bellied Conure
RBM - Red-bellied Macaw
RBP - Red-bellied Parrot
RCA - Red-crowed Amazon (Red-crowned Parrot)
RCC - Rose-Crowned Conure
RCP - Red-crowned Parrot (aka – Green-cheeked Amazon; Mexican Red-headed Parrot; Red-crowned Amazon)
REC - Red-Eared Conure
RFC - Rose-Fronted Conure (aka - Wagler’s Conure)
RFM – Red Front Macaw
RFP - Red-fronted Parrotlet
RFPA - Red-fronted Parrotlet
RGM - Red & Green Macaw
RHA – Red Headed Amazon
RHC - Rose-Headed Conure
RLA - Red-Lored Amazon
RLPA - Red-Lored Amazon
RM - Ruby Macaw
RMC - Red-masked Conure
RNP - Red-necked Parrot
Rosie – Rose Breasted Cockatoo
RP - Ringneck Parakeet
RRPA - Rose-ringed Parakeet
RSE - Red-Sided Eclectus
RTB2 – Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
RTC - Red-throated Conure
RV2 - Red-Vented Cockatoo
RWP - Red-winged Parrotlet
SB2 - Slender-Billed Cockatoo
SBC - Slender-Billed Cockatoo
SBC - Slender-Billed Conure
SBCC - Slender-Billed Corella Cockatoo
SC - Sun Conure
SC2 - Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
SCC - Salmon-crested Cockatoo
SDC - Sunday Conure
Sen - Senegal Parrot
Sennie - Senegal Parrot
SFC – Scarlet-fronted Conure
SHP - Saffron-headed Parrot
SIE - Solomon Island Eclectus
SLP - St. Lucia Parrot
SM - Scarlet Macaw
SM - Severe Macaw
SOUC - Souance Conure
SP - Spectacled Parrotlet
SPA - Spectacled Amazon (aka – White-fronted Amazon)
SPM - Spix Macaw
SPP - Spectacled Parrotlet
STC - Sharp-Tailed Conure
SVM - Severe Macaw
SVP - St. Vincent Parrot
SWPA - Sulphur-Winged Parakeet (Conure)
SYH - Single Yellow-Head Amazon
T2 - Triton Cockatoo
TAG - Timneh African Grey
TBP - Thick-billed Parrot
U’Too - Umbrella Cockatoo
U2 - Umbrella Cockatoo
Umbie - Umbrella Cockatoo
VE - Vosmaeri Eclectus
VNL - Violet-necked Lory
VosE - Vosmaeri Eclectus
WBC - White-Bellied Caique
WC - Wagler’s Conure (aka - Red-fronted Conure)
WCA - White-Collared Amazon
WCP - White-Capped Pionus
WEC - White-Eyed Conure
WERC - White-Eared Conure
WF - White-Faced Cockatiel
WFA - White-Fronted Amazon (aka – Spectacled Amazon)
WFC - White-Faced Cockatiel
WFPA - White-Fronted Amazon (Parrot)
WWPA - White-Winged Parakeet
YBA - Yellow-Billed Amazon
YCA - Yellow-crowned Amazon
YCC - Yellow Cheeked Conure
YCM - Yellow-Collared Macaw
YCPA - Yellow-crowned Parrot (Amazon)
YFA - Yellow Fronted Amazon
YHA - Yellow-Headed Amazon
YLP - Yellow-Lored Amazon
YNA - Yellow-Naped Amazon
YNM - Yellow-Naped Macaw
YNPA - Yellow-Naped Parrot (Amazon)
YSC - Yellow Sided Conure
YSGC - Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure
YSL - Yellow-Streaked Lory

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