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Re: hahns macaw feather less plucking addict

Most of the data on shredders is geared toward the problem being behavioral, however Mattie Sue Athan, in her book Guide to the Quaker Parrot, offers a list of possible causes, including diet, environment & lack of stimulation.

Behavioral feather chewing, shredding, or plucking can also appear as a response to perceived abandonment…..when birds are removed from flock environments, breeding facilities, etc., and put into pet environments…..conversely, in issue 2, 05, of Parrot Life Magazine, in a discussion about a Moluccan cockatoo, it was noted that the bird, a feather plucker and habitual screamer, after 6 months of being in a public aviary with other birds and watching visitors, “he has stopped plucking (only a slight over-preening of his chest feathers is visible) and he is a very quiet and content bird.”

As with plucking, with no medical reason for the behavior, owners/caretakers are left with trial and error methods to attempt to resolve shredding/barbering.
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