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Re: Picking a new bird

Quote: Originally Posted by MikeyTN View Post
The bird I was telling you about is a conure. BUT it is really up to the individual bird. I'm the one who handles Malachai most of the time. But occasionally he wants to go to my partner. He goes to whomever since he's able to fly. But most of the time he stays with me. But our bond formed from day one, the day he chose me at the bird fair. The lady had to use a towel to grab him, I didn't need a towel, he came to me, hop up my arms, climbed all the way up my shoulders and lay his head on my shoulders. I knew I was in trouble from that instant, he did not do that with anyone else. We sat around and waited for a bit while we talked about bringing him home. I went over to him again, he did the same thing again to me, I then handed the lady $500 to bring him
There is a conure breeder about 1 1/2 hours away from me, I may just go there and see if one there likes me. If none do atleast it could be an adventure!
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