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Re: Ingredients to pellets

Quote: Originally Posted by noblemacaw View Post
Tropican has got to be the weirdest pellet I ever feed a parrot. Lupe told me it smells like...bubble gum?? (I can't smell so Lupe gets to smell everything for me to make sure it is still okay) I also have hard time finding approprate weights to order. Would like to buy it in 5 pound not 20 pound bags. This is what the breeder feed Valentino along with Harrison's high pot course so for now I am mixing them together. Valentino will eat both pellets but when fresh food if fed to him he will attack his salad. LOL. I got to get a video of his attacking his salad. Too funny what he does with the Spinach leaves.
That's so weird it smells like gum XD And I'd love to see a video of Valentino attacking his salad! Sounds so cute

JerseyWendy WOW!!! You ROCK, Ashley!!!!
Thanks I'm fairly good at finding stuff on the internet from all the weird essay's my teachers assign lol

Quote: Originally Posted by moni.k View Post
Woohoo!! Go TOP!!! I love it because it doesn't have ground shelled peanuts like Harrison's and a couple other pellets. Thank you for all the information. Pretty cool to see the difference of ingredients in all the pellets. Awesome!!! And very useful!
I love TOPS too It's such a great brand! Unfortunately since I started giving Rosie Harrison's fine she leaves the TOP. I've tried giving her tops in the morning and Harrison's in the evening but she barely ate and in the evening she acted starved. I still add TOPS everyday but she leaves it, I mostly use it for mash, baking, and I grind it up and put it on her harrison's like a powder supplement
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