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Re: Ingredients to pellets

I feed Valentino a specific Tropican called high performance parrot stick which is a yellow pellet and not colorful like the normal diet. I have tried to find it available but only on Amazon in 20 pounds. I think the Tropican is a good pellet but just a pain for me to get a hold of for only one parrot. This is the pellet I will switch over the hand rearing too. Pulverize it up and mix with hot water and feed though the syringe for his nite time before bed comfort feeding. Valentino will take about 30 cc's then fly around the house like a freak THEN I can put him to bed. I have a weird parrot.

I wanted to get new video and pics of Valentino this weekend but Friday night Lupe took me to ER and I was in hospital until 5pm Saturday. The weekend was a bust. I am hoping for some time to film and take pics of Valentino this weekend.
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