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Re: Bath time

You can go about this a few ways. For one, you can get a spray bottle and with warm water and lightly spray the bird. Some birds don't like baths but like the misting. If he likes the bottle idea then he may like showers too. A lot of people make or buy perches or just put their bird on their shoulder(i probably wouldn't do this if it's the first time, you never know which body part he may 'peck' if you get what I'm saying)

You can also fill the tub or if you have a big enough tray or something to fill up like an inch or so high and let him investigate on his own. It often just takes time and patience.

Also you can try doing it everyday until he eventually likes it. Although that may have some controversy over that.

Even if you just make the water source like filling the tub with very very shallow(like an inch or two high) and having it there for him. He may not decide he want to go in it right away, or even the 2nd or 3rd day but maybe after a week or so he may decide it's not so scary after all. If he even just steps around in it on his own that's a big step and the first steps in working his way to getting used to bathing/showering. Also most birds don't generally like being soaked to the bone with water(unless maybe in the shower) they just like a little splash here and there. Either way the bottom line is patience.

Good luck.

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