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Re: Bath time

I also think a tub can be quite intimidating but B&G macaws are quite large birds and unless you have a very large bowl(or maybe a turkey pan thing?) it won't be big enough! lol However a reasonably sized bowl may be a good start to allow your bird to play around and splash a bit. But yea, if you have a conure or similar sized bird or smaller then yes a bowl would be perfect. For larger birds though my only suggestion i can think of is using a tub or if you have another thing that can hold water and is reasonably sized for your bird then feel free to try that too.

Quote: Originally Posted by Auggie's Dad View Post
I think Meghan covered it pretty well I think there is one point to reiterate.

A tub is a pretty uncomfortable place for a bird even if there is no water. There is nothing to hold on to - imagine being dropped in the middle of the pacific for your bath.

I bowl of water is much easier - look particularly for a bowl that has near vertical sides that he can perch on. He can perch on the bowl and take a dip when he is ready. This is after all much closer to how birds bathe themselves in nature.

I also second the misting. Most of Auggie's baths are just from a misting bottle, which will still get him completely soaked. Occasionally he does use bowl too.

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