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Re: Breaking feathers!

Yikes! No cheese, please. There are much better sources of protein. Even the peas she eats contain protein. Lentils and garbanzo beans are easy to sprout and can be fed even before they sprout if you soak them for 12 hours then rinse well. Broccoli provides protein and so do leafy greens. I chop greens fine and mix them with chopped green apples and minced celery because they will stick to the apples and celery. If you think about Mexican cuisinne you know that they combine rice and beans or corn (tortilla) and beans for a complete protein. But, don't confine her diet to just protein sources. She needs lots of fruits and vegetables, including dark orange foods, along with a good source of protein.

14 months is right about the time Eclectus start to molt all their large feathers. Her adult feathers will be stronger than the baby feathers she's been breaking.

But, she may continue to break tail feathers for the next year or so because youngsters are more active than adults. Eventually she'll just sit around and look pretty, but don't rush it. If she has the habit of flying daily now she'll be more likely to keep it up as an adult.

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