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Re: Preventing heat stroke and heat stress

Quote: Originally Posted by Agapornis View Post
Copper, thanks for posting that idea, its great! I will do that bowl thing. When I had my rabbits, i would freeze bottles of water, and put those in their cages. it seemed to keep them cool.
When my sister had a guinia pig we would use frozen water bottles also.

What area of California are you in? I'm in NorCal (SF Bay Area south) so the weather is pretty mild, summer being 78-90 degrees. But on occasion a heat wave does come in and it's really hot. Normally hotness is around 103-105 but one year it was 115 and humid! In my area few people have AC in their house,and most have double panes windows which work amazing if nights are cool. During a heat wave it doesn't cool down enough at night, so opening up the windows is useless and after the first day the windows only help a little. I hope heat waves never happen to that extent again, but if it does I want to have Rosie prepared.
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