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She is coming to me :)

Just wanted to share that after a week with Lilly she has started coming off of her cage and walking to me on the floor. When she gets to me she asks to step up holding out her foot. When I pick her up she loves on me and rubs her head on my leg.
Sometimes when I leave the room she screams but not every time. I have only had her a week now and already feel closer to her. She likes to eat off of my plate and share food with me (example she will take something from my plate and try to give it to me). She is interacting with me now by talking and blabbering while looking straight at me. She waves hello to me when I raise my hand.

I am seeing so many positive reactions from her now.

Just wanted to share

also I am going to try and attach a picture of her and this picture was the first time she held her foot out to me and said "Step up"
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She is coming to me :)-575850_3896625472936_431356374_n.jpg  
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