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Re: She is coming to me :)

I was told that she has always been cage aggressive. The previous owner was floored when I told her she let me in her cage to change water/food out.. But I can't do anything else or she hisses and lunges.

Her cage is to little for her that is for sure but I don't want to change until she's settled in here. But when she is out of the cage on the door and spreads her wings she is as wide (almost) as the entire cage

I just feel as if She has had to much change all at once and I need to hold off on a new cage.......before I picked her up her foster mom clipped her wings and did not do the best of job she looks like a weed eater has had ahold of her. then she was sent to foster care because her mom went into a nursing home then a month later she was moved again to my home. I feel so sorry for her.
I can tell she don't like her wings cut and that shes use to flying because she tries so hard to fly to me before giving up and walking on the floor.
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