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Re: Top 10 hazards for companion birds

I may not own a parrot an a parrot but I researched before, hazards to your birds
that you may not know(In fact I got the link from this forums But I forget)

She basically lists everything the site said Except for if the cages bars are to big and the bird can get its head stuck(I think she said that or said that other animals will attack the bird in the cage if the bars are too large)
And to watch out for holes in toys as well as that too can get a birds head stuck into into it. I heard to help with bacterial build up you can have Mutiple open water bowls and disinfect the water bowl that has Bactria on it then use your replacement water bowls and wait for the one you disinfected to be safe again(then you have to clean the replacement bowls!)

Another comment is unclipped birds, I mean uncliped birds usually will have more exercise but as she said windows,mirrors ceiling fans are fatal to your bird. Clipped birds have pros and cons and so do unclipped birds. I suppose weather you should clip or not should depend on your experience and your house environment.

Anyways I hope your feathered friends are safe and happy!
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