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I have a Cinnamon GCC (Honey) and a BCC (Conrad)AKA Connie GCC (Jinx) 3x Goffin2 (Liam)(Mya)(Goose) 2x B&G Macaw (Cozzy)(Blue)
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Conure beak build up

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I have a 10 month old cinnamon green cheek conure (honey)
and a 5 year old black capped conure (conrad).
both seem to have this extra layer of beak on top of the regular beak.
the tip of the beak is nice and sharp, but then it looks like its cracked off
and is very thick at the top. These birds are on pellets, millet, and fresh
fruit. they have wood toys, cement perches, calcium perches, calcium
block, wood perches. What do you think this is and how can I fix it?
should I invest in a beak dremel tool? I have attached a picture of each.

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