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Newbie here - need your input in choosing the right parrot


I'm hoping to add a parrot to the family in the next six months as soon as my fiance and I get married and I'm hoping you guys can share your input to help me make a decision on which parrot to get. We'll be moving into his house that's being remodeled so there will be much more room and noise won't be an issue.

I've really been drawn to the Indian Ringnecks. I just love their personality and their amazing speaking ability. I also really like the Hahn's macaws as well as the eclectus. I love the African Greys but being a first-time bird owner I'm a little intimidated by them. I've been all over You Tube watching videos of all the different bird species and those are the three (IRN, Hahns & Eclectus) that I've narrowed it down to.

My fiance and I both work full-time but I often come home for lunch and will have plenty of time in the evening to spend with the bird. Also, we plan to have kids so we'll want a bird that gets along with the whole family rather than a one-person bird. We basically want a fun, intelligent, easy-going bird.

Oh, we also have a mastiff so a bird that's not afraid of dogs. He's a big love bug and is very gentle with other animals. Being a newbie I'm not sure how dogs and parrots interact.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Can't wait to find that special bird!
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