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Re: Newbie here - need your input in choosing the right parrot

You are smart to seriously consider the right parrot for your lifestyle and personality. All parrots can be wonderful companions - some with accommodations. I have to say in all honesty, I have helped match parrots and people for some time now and even though you are a first time bird owner (did I get that right) you have selected very wonderful species. We are owned by two Solomon Island Eclectus (Rosie and Beaker) and a newer addition to the flock, Gizmo. Gizmo is a Hahns Macaw. We hand-raised him and had him for sale but fell in love with the species and his personality so I took him off the market. As far as greys go - we sell lots of Timneh and Congo Greys. If you are a little gun shy with the Congo, you may want to check out their counsin, the Timneh grey... a slightly smaller package, same great personality and intelligence. I sure hope this helps.

Also, as you are ramping up in the birdie world, you may want to check out our new online birdie store we just launched. Rosie's Avianoutfitters. During December we are offering a free foot toy to purchasers to introduce them to our site.

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