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Re: Conure beak build up

Quote: Originally Posted by sainraja View Post
Sorry for hijacking the thread but I have a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure who broke his beak. I am not certain as to how but my guess is he was flying and hit the door. I found him bleeding and immediately called and took him to the vet.

Here are pictures:

Can you tell by those pictures whether his beak will grow back? The vet. said chances are that it will but she wasn't 100% sure.

He's doing good now. He's playing around, whistling etc and eating. I will have to feed him soft/soaked pellets and feed him through a syringe for now.
There are lots of stories of beaks growing back just fine after accidents and other things. I'm sure your little guy will learn to live while it grows back. If I were you, I would have him see the vet a few times during the growth process to make sure it's all going well. Sometimes vets have to help shape broken beaks so they grow correctly. I know you're probably really upset and feeling bad about it, but don't worry because there have been beaks in far worse conditions that have been changed into beautiful beaks through love and care.
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