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Young Eclectus squawking

Hi all!

My new baby boy has been in our family for 2.5 weeks now and he has been am Angel!
he's slowly opening up and realizing I'm his new family.

he's a 16 week old male Red Sided Eclectus. Today he developed a constant squawk.
it's only a single noise but continuous whenever he sees me or if he hears a noise he thinks is me.
If my phone gets a message he lets one go.

He was sold to me fully weaned. But thought he may have regressed so I fed him a sooky feed.
he sqawked while eating and carried on like a baby haha it was adorable,

But even after he ate, he was still noisy. Not as bad but still.
if I walked near his cage he would squawk, if I said his name or spoke to him he would squawk.

Any ideas?

I have noticed his voice is a bit raspy when he makes his inside noises.... Hoping it's from all the squawking haha
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