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Re: Young Eclectus squawking

If he's squawking even after his feedings, then it seems like he's begging for attention. Give him a soft contact call to acknowledge his presence. If it continues, don't give him attention. It will encourage his squawks. Instead, give him a lot of enriching toys such as foraging toys. When you get a moment of silence, shower him with affection. He may return your attention with squawks, continue to ignore them and reward him for his independence and good behavior. It may take a lot of patience and possibly even a good pair of ear plugs, but it'll be well worth it. He's at a young age and like a child you have to teach him which behavior is acceptable and what isn't using positive reinforcement. You got this handled!! Plus, there's a lot of other eclectus owners here to help! Welcome to the forum swifty_ano
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