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Re: Young Eclectus squawking

Here's the problem. I tried feeding him what the breeder fed him, so as to not shock him. He ate well, but I noticed he was only eating. SPROUTS, Corn and grapes. The other vegetables remained untouched.
so I started feeding him vegetables in the morning minus sprouts and it seemed to work a little. Didn't eat all of it but more then he had been.

He got his favourite things for dinner as well as his not so favourite mixed in.

He did well for 4-5 days and just one day decided he would squawk

I gave him a hand feed this morning but wasn't hungry for the mix and decided he wanted his normal food.
He ate a good chunk of it. So he shouldn't be hungry today.

He does seem to be making constant inside noises though like his " awwwwwwww" noises. Is this normal? He doesn't usually do that in the morning?
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