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Re: Young Eclectus squawking

That seems like a lot of weight to gain in a short time. Four days?? Are you weighing the same time of day? Weigh him in the morning after his first poop of the day before he has eaten.

If you are taking your time feeding him, by the time he is finished he should not be calling out for food. If you are talking to him he may just be responding to you and that's a good thing.

It's the incessant, repetitive cawing that indicates hunger.

When my birds are weaning their chicks they will let them call a few times before feeding them. The older the chick gets the longer the parents wait before feeding them. Eventually the chick quits begging.

But, as owners of youngsters we need to make sure they are eating plenty and that there is always food available.

The baby stage does pass!

Does he seem to be doing a good job of eating the various foods in his dishes?
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