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2 Indian Ringnecks, Tiki (DH's) and Pippin (mine), 1 lovebird, Gemma (DD's) and 1 in birdy Heaven... RIP, Wilbur.
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Re: Is something wrong?

Wilbur did get the flaky upper beak but what I am seeing isn't flakiness.

Pippins lower beak isn't has no colour at end nearest his face, kind of greyish and not shiny like the rest of the beak... It is so hard to describe!
The part of his lower beak that looks odd is hidden by his upper beak. The only way to get a photo would be to hold the beak and he was NOT about to let me do that! LOL...he was having no part of a photo shoot!

Like I said, in every other respect he is active, alert, has a great appetite, loves attention and appears perfectly healthy...

We live in a small town and
unfortunately we do NOT have an avian vet here, or anywhere close-by.

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