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Underweight WFA with High Cholesterol

Hi everyone! First-time poster here. I have a 37 year-old white-fronted Amazon named Buddy. He lived with one family until he was 28, when he unfortunately outlived his owner and came to live with me. When I first took him in, he was on a diet of only black oil sunflower seeds - for 28 years! He was a feather-picker and had about 7 large fatty tumors on his neck, back and abdomen. He wasn't abused, his family loved him, but they just didn't know any better.

Fast forward to today, for the last 9 years he's been on a diet of fresh food (lots of veggies, some pasta, a little fruit, eggs) and Harrison's Adult Lifetime. He's a great eater. He's grown in all of his feathers and is just beautiful and as happy as an amazon can be! Almost all of his fatty tumors have completely disappeared.

However, last summer he suffered from two instances of seizure. After a full workup at the vet, we determined that they were a result of vascular distress from high cholesterol. Clearly his old diet was catching up with him. After eliminating high cholesterol foods, I'm happy to say that Buddy hasn't had a seizure in almost a year. The problem is, he's pretty underweight. His last weigh was about 251g, which seems about right from what I've read but his keel is incredibly sharp and the vet remarked that she'd like to see him gain. But I don't want to reintroduce high cholesterol foods and risk him having more vascular problems.

So long story short, what kinds of food would be good for weight gain without high cholesterol?
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