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Re: Underweight WFA with High Cholesterol

Welcome to the forum and thanks for giving an older zon a new home and some happiness. I rehome/rescue zons and know all too well the pitfalls that occur later in life after an early diet of sunflower seeds. You need calories without the fat, maybe natural sugars from things like fruit would help. Sunshinefactor is a Red Palm Oil supplement we use with older zons in similar situations as yours, it's high in VitA. Hemp seeds, Milk Thistle seeds and fresh palm nuts are what we also fed. High in VitA and omega3 they help with liver function in birds that have been on a sunflower seed diet. I would also recommend starting a routine of weighing your zon several times a week. I use a digital kitchen scale that you can get at a kitchen supply store ( Bed Bath and Beyond) . Weigh her in grams before feeding in the AM, keep a record and it will help tons in your situation. Best of luck and don't hesitate to ask for help. Loads of good info in some of the older threads in this section of the forum.
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