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Re: Sleep Cage

Quote: Originally Posted by MikeyTN View Post
By having her in the living room is just fine for all times even if your up late watching movies and such. She's not gonna miss her sleep, they will nap throughout the day. I think most people are too critical about this. They will adapt to new situations!!!! I don't have a set schedule when I go to bed but I work during the day so I stay up pretty late and they stay up with me. None of them miss any sleep.
Amen to this!

Merlin has little to no routine, other than the fact that when mummy gets up, it's day time. When mummy goes sleep, it's naptime/bedtime.

If it's a particularly 'late' night, we anticipate some grumpiness the next day. But it's usually resolved by giving him a nap time (or let him do it himself if he's home alone).
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