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Quote: Originally Posted by pipoca View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Echo View Post
If you look at the box again and read what the layers are(to make the pan) you will see that the outer layer, the non-stick part you cook in is ANION. The SDS for Anion is what I posted.....
Yes it is probably safe for humans (Teflon won't kill you either)........but when heated above 400 degrees, it release harmful chemicals that would be dangerous for the sensitive Parrot/Bird.
The company never wrote or stated the product to be safe for Parrots/Birds so no lawsuit would be expected.......
Thought someone should clear this up for future visitors: "anion" is not a chemical compound. That SDS you found is for a "Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin Chloride Form". It is a resin which exchanges anions, and is unrelated with cookware. Anion is simply an ion, the opposite of a cation: a particle with a negative charge. Also there is no "outer layer", the ecolon coating is a single layer, and the manual mentions that it uses rock, sand and dirt as it's source materials.

Air ionizers, for example, release anions to disrupt microbe cells and capture airborne dust. So, the pan releasing anions is a good thing - that's why it figures on some specifications and comparisons with teflon pans (which do not release ions). There are no known effects from ionizers on birds, and in comparison the amount released from a pan would be minimal.

Oh you are a STAR! Thank you so much for this Heading to the shops today to get my all new set of birdy safe cookware and went on a rollercoaster of emotions with this post, thinking I was going to get something awesome and then finding out it's unsafe, but then finding out it was safe again! hahaha Appreciate you taking the time to make it clear for future readers
In fact, I joined to thank ya :P

There's no eclectus smiley :'(
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