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First Aid Kit

After keeping and breeding parrots and volunteering for bird rescue here in NZ and dealing with wild and domestic birds I have come to realise the importance of having a first aid kit especially put together for birds..
Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime so be prepared!
I always have 2 fully stocked at all times..
One is always in my car (mainly for wild birds)
But the other is in the house in an easilly to get to place.

Heres my kit for anybody who is interested.

Equipment and Supplies
•Scissors•Tweezers•Nail clippers and metal nail file•Cornstarch (to help control bleeding from a nail)•Flashlight and batteries•Scalpel blades and handles•Eye dropper•Syringes of various sizes•Feeding tubes of various sizes (if you are trained in how to use them)•Lubricant such as mineral oil or KY Jelly (without spermicide)•Cotton swabs•Clean cloths and/or paper toweling•Disposable gloves•Stethoscope•Gram scale•Needle-nose pliers or*hemostats•Wire cutters•Net•Towels for restraint and/or to cover cage•Pet carrier Heating pad or heat lamp to use at home•Home thermometer to measure temperature of bird's environment•Heat pack or hot water bottle (to keep the bird warm during transport; wrap the pack in a towel - do not apply directly to your bird, or burns may result)

Bandaging Materials
•Square gauze of various sizes - some sterile•Non-stick pads•First aid tape - both paper (easily comes off of skin and feathers, or use masking tape) and adhesive types•Bandage rolls - gauze and Vetwrap•Wooden sticks of various sizes for splints - tongue depressors, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks•Band-Aids (for humans)

Nutritional Support
•Rehydrating solution such as Gatorade or Pedialyte

•Wound disinfectant such as Betadine•Triple antibiotic ointment for skin•Antibiotic ophthalmic ointment for eyes, e.g., Terramycin•Eye wash solution•Sterile saline
Watch the expiration dates on any medication, and replace as needed.

Dont crop tube unless you have been trained
Keep the bird warm in a quiet area
Make sure you do your best to keep the bird hydrated, this is more important than food in an emergency, but do offer food as well
And most important get to your vet as soon as possible.

Im sure most of you know all this but for all the newbies out there i hope this helps.
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