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Re: Strange eating behavior in unweaned baby amazon

When you say she used to weigh 330-340 grams was that before she was fed? Their crop will shrink and they typically lose some weight when fledgling and again when weaning. !0% is about the limit for concern. A lot depends on when you weigh them when handfeeding. I always weigh first thing in the AM before feeding , that gives you a "true" weight and doesn't include a "heavy meal". Sounds like nothing is really wrong at this point IMO. 300 grams is about what i'd expect at this point in time. At 12-14 wks i'd expect her to start adding some weight(at least not losing) and at one yr should be back to the 330-340 mark. Their heaviest weight when handfeeding is usually close to their healthy weight at adulthood.
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