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Quit that screaming and screaming and screaming!

...and she just repeated it back to me. Verbatim, in fact. Nothing strips you of your dignity faster than being reprimanded by your own parrot.

But I muster up what's left of my composure, I digress...

Every night around 6pm becomes 'social time'.

it's that period of time where she draws all the air out of Oklahoma deep into her lungs and practices her finest 'big girl' scream. It's not an ordinary scream. It's a high pitched shrieking wail that can be heard 6 blocks down the street and around the corner as though she were rehearsing for opening night at the opera. 10 minutes into her evening routine and the windows start threatening little spider cracks and I swear to you, my furniture is 5 inches off from where it started.

An hour passes...
I sit here patiently and diligently try to work on my laptop. My trusty ipod on full throttle, but the sound burrows it's way through my head, drilling holes and turning my eardrums into something resembling more of swiss cheese, instead of a human organ. I take a deep breath and repeat to myself "No animal will repeat an action that doesn't work for them." So I continues to ignore her, waiting for a quiet moment where I can praise her.

30 minutes later..
I'm now 20% done with a paper that should have taken me an hour to write. My ipod is still chugging along and so is she. Something gives me the feeling she's solar powered while my electronic contraption has a limited lifespan. I glance down at my arm and I promise you, I watched a nerve completely exit my body and crawl away, seeking refuge from the uncharted decibals a macaw can hit. It's only been a week Gina.... it's only been a week.

Another 20 minutes...
I crack. I KNOW you're not supposed to interrupt them when they're practicing their screaming. I KNOW you're supposed to wait until they're done and then tell them what a fabulous job they did. But I couldn't resist. I look up and sharply say "Quit that screaming and screaming and screaming!"

She responds with "Quit screaming" or at least a darn good variation of it. Not quite as clear, but I'm sure it was her first attempt. And then commences to practicing some more.

I went outside. I figured a little privacy would do her some good.
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