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Re: Quit that screaming and screaming and screaming!

Lola screams all the time in her previous home IF I remember Heather telling me correctly....But she really don't scream much at all. Just few brief moments every so often. Not a everyday deal. She chatters and carrying on calling the dogs' names and say her name, call the other macaw's name Willie, and mumbles. At the beginning when they start to scream, I walk in to talk to them and ask what? Hello Lola or Willie, whomever is screaming. Did you need something? How your day today? Your a pretty bird. Be good now. I rub their heads and turn on the tv or radio for them to listen to. Then I walk away. The only bird that got to me before was actually Conures but I don't have any issues here and you can see the amount of birds I own. It's rather quiet here. Some of my neighbors never knew I had birds until I told them so. I tell them that my birds are rather quiet. They rather talk, sing, etc over screaming. Maybe it's time to change tactics??

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