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Re: Strange eating behavior in unweaned baby amazon

Thanks, henpecked!

330g was her weight in the morning a few weeks back before she started weaning, now she is at about 300.

Before she used to eat in the morning when we would take her out but now she has no interest in food in the morning and only wants to fly everywhere. The issue is we have a limited time to get her fed before work. After work she usually eats a decent portion of formula and has some more in the evening. Is it an issue to go to work and skip the AM feed if she is not interested in food?

The other issue I see is that she is becoming disinterested in the whole food we leave for her. We give a bowl with kaytee Cheerios, a few zupreme pellets and some chopped carrot/apple/strawberry/kiwi/broccoli etc in small proportions. She used to eat a bit of this throughout the day and evening but seems to have lost interest in all of these foods. Do you have any suggestions for what else we can try?
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