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Re: Quit that screaming and screaming and screaming!

Quote: Originally Posted by JerseyWendy View Post
You most DEFINITELY should be a writer, Gina!

The part where you looked at your arm and saw a nerve exit your body sounds QUITE familiar....HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm confident she'll calm down. It's only been a week.

Treat your neighbors to some brownies.
HA! My neighbors are jerks and I really don't like them. I've lived in this house (directly across the street from the Mayor) for 3.5 years and they've actively made my life miserable. They're curious, but I think they're afraid to inquire, themselves. Instead, they sent in a recon team (in the form of children) to gather intelligence on what was happening over here. I'm honestly surprised it took them a week. Within 20 minutes of the team pulling out, they emerged on my doorstep to see the parrot for themselves.

If they complain... Well.... I'll just get a Greenwing to match!
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