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Re: Need ideas/ to move a B&G

Quote: Originally Posted by Spiritbird View Post
My first question is have you had her examined by an avian vet? This would be of primary importance. Plucking is complex and can be because of stress or diet or environmental issues such as cigarette smoke and nicotine. I would start here and then contact the proper authorities to see what the regulations really are. Perhaps the vet could help you out with that too. Good luck and I hope you can keep the bird.
Our vet isn't JUST an avian vet, but she does deal with birds. (I don't know what would qualify a vet as "avian", but we've got limited options up here, our vet has been great with her and is who most of the bird owners in the area use) She has been examined many times, we put her on some kind of meds for the plucking (basically birdie prozac) a few years ago, and it was horrible. We (vet and hubby and I) finally decided giving her the medicine was more stressful to her than the plucking, and it didn't appear to be doing anything for it. At this point, she's been plucking so long, most of her feathers don't grow anyway, so even if we were able to "fix" her plucking, she wouldn't look like a "healthy" B&G, she'd still look like a plucked chicken

Quote: Originally Posted by Auggie's Dad View Post
There are sedatives she could be given for the flight, and while every medication carries risks there are many sedatives (calming but not anesthetizing) which are perfectly safe - talk to your vet about these.

From the sounds of it I think a flight might be the best option. You have hurdles either way but I suspect fewer with a flight.

I have heard horror stories about people figuring out just how to jump through all the hoops to get their bird into another country for a short vacation - then they can't get them back to the US. Have you checked what you'd have to do to have her cross back into the US from Canada?
Would you know the name of some safer sedatives? And, when we say safe, how safe are we talking? When we moved up here almost 6 years ago, we drove almost 6,000 miles (and it will be the same leaving, we just found out we're headed to Alabama). I was concerned about how our cats were going to be, so I asked the vet about tranquilizers for the trip...she said they would give them to us, but that they did cause kidney damage. Needless to say, we drove all the way here with a screaming cat, there was no way I was going to use those meds on them. (One traveled fine other than getting carsick at first, the other screamed the whole trip, and shredded 2 soft carriers and 3 cardboard boxes while we were in the wilds of Canada. We finally found a Walmart and got a hard carrier for him!)

I haven't yet talked to my vet, I'm going to try to get an appointment next week to see what she suggests, but I'm confident that if I go in knowing some of the recommended meds for a plane ride, that she would look into them for me if she isn't already familiar with them.

I haven't looked into the US side of things at all yet, because if I can't guarantee being able to get her into Canada, there is no point. I have no desire to be at the border crossing 500 miles from a major airport and have them decline my girl. If I can't get a guarantee in advance of being able to cross her, then she will have to be flown or have a new home, I absolutely will not take a chance of confiscation.

(And if meds will hurt her, I'd rather find her a new family than hurt her, if that makes sense. I love her too much to put her through hell just so *I* can keep her)

Quote: Originally Posted by Riley's mom View Post
You are going to need a health certificate for sure. Get all of the importing paperwork, find someone in the US to accept her for you and put her on a plane. Make sure all us licencing is in order. She may have to be in quaranteen for 30 days. There is a sedative that can be given to birds, but must get from vet.
Health certificate is no issue at all, we have to get them for the cats, too. I'll have to look into the quarantine, I was under the impression that state to state didn't require one.

We have a few options if we fly her...we still have to drive, but we could leave her with friends in Alaska until we get to Seattle, and then they could put her on a plane and we pick her up at the airport in Seattle. My 16 yr old will be flying from Alaska to Seattle to Atlanta...we could fly her with the bird, and then just keep the bird with us in the truck from Seattle on. (We don't have enough seats in our truck for the 16 yr old, and she has no desire to make the drive with us, so she will stay here with friends, then fly to us in Seattle to visit with more friends, and then we'll put her on the plane to family until we get to the final destination)

Or, we could drive to Seattle, and my husband could fly back to Alaska to get bird and kid and then fly with both of them back to Seattle. (All of these options assume no quarantine...if there is a quarantine, I guess I would just fly the bird all the way to Florida and have family put her in quarantine there until we got in the area Not sure about that, I didn't consider there might be a quarantine, so I haven't thought about options with that yet)
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