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Re: Breeding Pair

Mikey's probably right, but when I read your post, I thought of the quiet I could have enjoyed leading up to my daughter's birth.....we had MIL & an aunt come visit to help I was detailed milk shake getting duty...usually 3-4 a day or French Fry getting least twice a day.....then there were the chauffeur duties to take the ladies shopping.....for whatever last minute item had to be gotten for forthcoming daughter/granddaughter/great niece.....luckily we did have a 2 bedroom apartment, but if I wanted to be out from under foot & I decided to lay down in the bedroom, I was run out of there in case wifey might want to lay I was often found sitting on the front steps when I wasn't on duty at the base.....yep, I could appreciate the peace & solitude dad GCC might be enjoying.....

Good luck with the new clutch.....
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