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Re: Nesting material?

Interesting terminology, logistical issue, but then logistics is the study/means of moving things from one place to another and though I am schooled on the basic techniques as I have a nanday & sun pair that practice quite regularly, I have never paid close enough attention I guess.

When I notice them practicing, on a perch with both holding onto the cage side with one foot, her holding the perch with her other foot & him on her back or on a cage top, her with both feet holding the cage top & him astride or similarly positioned on bookshelves or furniture...they are not shy...I usually put their nest box in the cage with a couple of loosely balled up double sheets of newspaper.....they'll chew/tear up as they want and either keep all or throw out what they don't want.

I'm not sure about twigs & hatchling eyes & I might have a similar caution with pine needles.

Now, this logistical situation with your greys, it could be that a platform may give him more purchase & make her feel more at ease...though greys handle perches of 3/4 inch to 1.5 inches well a platform would allow them to their minds on the logistical delivery rather than intervening balance concerns.....

Mine have never produced any viable clutches either, but they seem to enjoy practicing, so I leave them to their enjoyment.....

Good luck to both of you & your birds.....

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