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Re: my parrot is injured plsss help

Quote: Originally Posted by weco View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by weco View Post
It sounds like you have been doing the right things, although I am not sure you can find an aloe plant like Kalidasa suggested.....if it does not appear that its legs or wings were broken, your bird is probably just bruised and sore.....
The aloe plant releases a sap/liquid that helps promote wound healing, but it is not critical to the bird's recovery. Check to see if you can find a product called Neosporin comes in tubes, both as a cream and as an ointment.....the cream can be rubbed into the skin of an open wound while the ointment is petroleum based and is better suited to keep moisture out of a wound while providing the same antibiotics to the wound.....asking at a pharmacy or health clinic might get you the name of a product that is available locally, if Neosporin is not available.....

Since it sounds like your IRN just received a scrape/slight wound, watching it to be sure it does not get infected may be the best thing, because it sounds like the bird was very lucky.....

Your bird will remember this encounter with the fan, but you need to be very careful about its flying around ceiling fans.....if it were to get scared or excited and fly off, while the fan is running, it might not remember as quickly.....

You might want to feed less liquid fruits, and a scrambled or hard boiled egg would be good for him, then back to his regular diet, I think.....
Ok u will apply neosporin today . Will it harm my bird if he licks or eat the medicine because I have mentioned he touches his toes n leg with beak that was the reason for my not applying the ointment at the first place. I am so tensed atm. Do you think he will be able to walk again? Yes you are right he is lucky he is so dear to me. I cant tell u how much pain I have been through all these days.
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