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Re: my parrot is injured plsss help

Quote: Originally Posted by Kalidasa View Post
I don't think parrots get fevers, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Their natural temperature is much warmer than a humans. If he walked over to you he's probably a little better. I know it's hard to find an avian vet in Pakistan, if not impossible. If you can't find a vet, than at least find someone with some experience with parrots. Is he standing on that leg yet?
Hello there
I am not sure if he was in fever his body was burning n hot maybe it was due to injury. Its been three days n he cnt stand properly he can move the injured leg though but not much.i went to the market to buy neosporin it is nt available nywhere plz tell me what is the genric name or salt name of cream is.i have bought panadol drops which r red or pink in color these drops r given to infants who r two yearz old. I will give him one drop after every five to six hour today
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