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Re: My new GW Pepper

There are mixed reviews with harness training. I have had great success with josie. I had never had a big bird before her and I had her in the harness within a month of having her. Before I even bought the harness. I taught her 'stick em up' so should already knew how to lift her wings. I also made sure to pet her back, under her wings when she put them up for stick em up and under her beak. Her original harness was blue and she never gave me a problem putting it over her head. She outgrew that one and they accidentally sent me a purple one and instead of sending it back, I used it. Apparently, purple is not her favorite color and she threw a fit. So, in order to get this one over her head, I lay it out on the floor and put her on her back and just slip it over her head. It works like a charm. The only problem she gives me now is when I start to loosen it to take it off. She knows that is not what she wants so she gets mouthy. So, as silly as it sounds, be sure to buy the harness in a color your bird likes so it doesn't bring out some aggression. Good luck!
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