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Question Two different screaming situations I'd like to work on -- Is it possible?

So Oliver has always screamed for me when I leave the room or come home from somewhere. This isn't much of an issue because the birds are upstairs and you can only sort of hear them when the door is closed. However in the mornings they wake me up with the screaming and I'd like to try to train them out of this. Also it would be nice because I'm not sure how happy my future neighbors will be when I do move out (in a year or so).

Mia on the other hand will make loud loud loud noises when she's excited in a new situation or because of music or whistling. This is definitely not that big of an issue, way less annoying than constant screaming and it can be cute, but if possible I wouldn't mind trying to train her out of it.

I know green cheeks are very social and call out to me which is not an issue, it's the constant screaming over and over again that can be really annoying.

I've read this article which I really liked and I found in other places on this forum but I'm not really sure what to do from here?

Living With Parrots Cage Free: Does Ignoring Really Work?

Has anyone actually ever managed to train their greencheek out of this or is that just a fantasy?
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