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Exclamation Help! Green Cheek with liver and heart issues.

So, my green cheek, Toots, started acting sick about a week and a half ago. At first I thought she had something contagious, like a cold, but she only acted lethargic for a day before she snapped out of it. Everything went back to normal for a few days, until during the night, she fell from her perch to the bottom of her cage. I grabbed her and brought her into bed with me, then she seemed to begin having a seizure.
Of course, I brought her to the vet that day, who told me the seizure was a result of an enlarged liver and heart. We are currently treating the liver issue with milk thistle and L carnitine. She is also taking lactulose every eight hours to increase her appetite. The doctor told me the liver and heart issue are genetic issues due to irresponsible breeders. (I could kill the woman who sold me this bird for not mentioning the what she had done to get the turquoise mutation. No wonder she was only fifty dollars.) This also explains why she was born without toes and flight feathers. The doctor told me she does not expect her to live, well, as long as she should. We are still waiting on blood work results to come back, and are going to see the cardiologist soon.
Needless to say, I am entirely heartbroken. She is my whole world, and it kills me to have to type this for the world to see. I wish afterall it were just a cold. I haven't spoken to anyone in person about this besides my husband and the doctor. It's extremely depressing for me.
Anyway, she is acting like normal old Toots, taking the lactulose like a champ, she seems to like the way it tastes. I am having a harder time getting her to eat the other two vitamins. My biggest concern is making sure she keeps eating and drinking. Since she has been sick, she won't touch her pellets. She has been eating baby bird formula, apples, and millet. I am wondering what I can do to encourage her to eat and drink other things again, and to disguise the taste of the vitamins. She is being really picky about what she eats, because now she knows she can get what she wants, like millet.
If anyone knows anything about green cheeks with liver problems, heart problems, or epilepsy, please help by explaining how you have dealt with this. I want to keep my baby around for as long as I can.
Sorry this is so much to read.
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