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Bringing home baby - time off or not?

Hello fellow AG parronts!

I'm working with my local avian rescue to find a perfect match for me and one of their AG, and I think I found him! His feathers are split and short on one side but he immediately began to chatter at me when we met - it was a lovely conversation

Anywhoooo if I decide to move forward with this lil guy they'll bring him over to the house (that's where the house inspection happens) and make sure I am who I say I am. What I'd like to ask you guys is what day should I do this?

Because Greys thrive on schedules and consistency, part of me says to do it on a Sunday so I can go into work the next day because that is going to be our schedule, but at the same time, I want to spend time with him!! I also thought about taking a few days off work, or working from home, but I'm worried that will give him the wrong impression that I'm home all the time.

Tell me about your bringing home baby situations - thanks!
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