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Re: And so it starts again.......

ROTFL! Not laughin' at you, Mikey - laughin' with you! I can just picture you and two dear little mice eying each other off.

We used to breed mice and so they don't present much of a challenge to me in the wild state - except for when Dark Mouse, the *stinker*, got in and had his evil way with my maiden girls and they all had half-wild babies. We had a mouse plague a few years ago and I remember being woken up by squeaking. I turned on the light and there were about five baby wild mice *playing* in the middle of the kitchen floor! They chased each other around and jumped and did backflips, all the time squeaking like so many giggling little kids. It was gorgeous! I eventually caught them all in my humane trap and moved them to a new address (ie. the drain alongside the paddock). I assume they've all had long lives and many babies by now. I miss our mice. They were the funniest pets I've ever had!
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