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Re: Which Pellets are best?

Quote: Originally Posted by SilverSage View Post
Since conures and Eclectus are very different species with very different nutritional requirements, I don't think you should feed them the same thing, especially if you are breeding! Research each individually. I can't really help with this specifically, I have never used either brand and know next to nothing about Eclectus and little about Conures, but don't Eclectus need a liquid diet? More fruit than nut based? You really need to look into each individual species needs and remember to feed supplemental foods like fruit and veggies.
Of course. My Eclectus always get more fruit, veg and nuts (moreso fruit) than my Conures. The Conures don't eat much fruit and veg. But they also get the Vetafarm pellets. Vets have health checked them all and my birds cannot be healthier. So I intend on keeping them on this sort of diet. Eclectus do need more Fruit than usual, yes.

I know much more and have researched a lot about Conures than Eclectus, (though I have been researching the Eclectus a lot more lately) and either one of those types of Pellets meet their nutritional needs. I have also ordered supplements in for breeding pairs who require more calcium/nutrition during breeding season. I just wasn't sure which Pellets are best. However yesterday I decided, and ordered the Paradise pellets. Paradise has a higher protein content, which eggs/chicks need.
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