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Re: New caique owner

A caique? And a black-headed one at that?! Oh, you poor, poor's the end of your life as you know it!

Seriously, hearty congratulations! From what it sounds like--your research and the care you put into it--your new baby has hit the jackpot. As I think of it, you and I don't sound all that dissimilar: I hadn't had a bird of any kind for years and years, and--like you--I did a lot of research before Eliza adopted me. (I bet SHE didn't do any research!)

Maybe I got lucky with the materials I chose and read, but all of the research I did turned out to be quite accurate in terms of the caique experience. In other words, I don't think I can offer much else that would be of any help. One might be my observation that--just like people, and animals in general!--while there are species-specific traits, every caique is different. For example, I was well-prepared for "hair-surfing," when I got Eliza. She's never shown the slightest bit of interest in it. (She doesn't hop, either.) Henry (white-bellied), on the other hand, HAS to hair-surf at least twice a day. Plus, when he's in a hurry, he'll do the run/hop thing. At first, I was slightly concerned that maybe there was something amiss with Eliza because she didn't do the traditional caique behaviors I'd read about. Then I realized that's the way she is--she has her own personality (boy, does she EVER), and her own way of doing things.

Sorry to go on and on. I'm looking forward to photos of your new baby, and--once again--congratulations! And I should add that one of the best resources you'll find is right here. (Meaning these forums, not me in particular!) There are so many knowledgable, enthusiastic and friendly people here who are always willing to help.


PS I'll share one more thing about caiques, although I know it's not specific to them. I've posted some (hopefully) cute and funny photos of Eliza and Henry over the past several months. What those photos don't capture is how incredibly loving and affectionate caiques can be. For example, if I watch a movie in the evening, E&H can't wait to curl up on my chest, snuggle up against my hands, grind their beaks, make little noises, get skritched, and eventually go to sleep. It's the sweetest thing you can imagine. Oftentimes, I'll find myself thinking "Boy...if life can get any better than this, I'm not entirely sure how!"
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